Ten years later

My little speech on our wedding day, which is basically a longer version of this blog post.

It was 2007. On a hot summer night in Shanghai, we were saying goodbye to each other on the campus of Shanghai University. Neither of us was a student there, but we lived so far away from each other in the same city that we decided to meet up in the middle. I still remember as clearly as ten years ago how he waved me goodbye while walking backwards until eventually disappeared into darkness. That was my last day in Shanghai and I already knew I was going to do a Masters in Beijing. I thought I would probably never see him again. When you are young, have nothing and know nothing about your future, 1000 kilometers could mean the distance of the whole universe.

After that, we were in different cities, different countries, different continents. And ten years later, here we are, still together, happily married in this magical city that brought us reunion. I cannot be grateful enough. Thank you all, friends and family. And thanks to the guy next to me for being there all the time, all these years.

To use the words of E. B. White, I will ‘slowly accustom myself to the idea that I have made the most beautiful decision of my life’. And all the beautiful things are worth waiting for.


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